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Zoho Analytics add-on We provide more than fifty default reports for insights into your projects. Calendar This isn't just a place for planning events.

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IssueTracker helps you submit and organize issues according to status and severity of the issue. Cons: Does not integrate with Quickbooks. Manage projects right from your email. Task reports View task reports grouped by status, milestone, priority, owner, and percentage complete. What are some alternatives to Zoho Projects? Check out the refund policy. The day trial gives you a hands-on experience of using the features of our paid editions. Zoho Projects goes above and beyond when it comes to reporting tools. Critical paths and Baselines help avoid delays and take corrective actions. You cannot see all invoices due, total amount outstanding, time sheets, across Projects and Clients.

Wrap-Up In short, Zoho Projects is an excellent project management tool with a wide range of features. You can continue using them when you upgrade again.

Google Integration Google is definitely a leader in business application industry.

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Do I have to provide payment information up front? With the option to create project phases, teams can also divide their project life cycle within zipBoard based on milestones or stages. Karen 11 months ago Pros: It's ideal for making project plans. Zoho Projects offers time tracking functionality that streamlines the performance of a project, calculates time spent on tasks, exports timesheet data in the desired format and sends an invoice for client payments. Not just that, you get to communicate better with your project mates through Zoho Projects— the best free project management software. Finally, Zoho Projects includes a powerful search tool that helps you locate files without having to search through everything. For example, a rule can be set to notify users of issues by SMS. Some thrive on reports and data, others like to discuss and engage, while many require clockwork precision. It puts all the information in one central place so that it is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. Any newcomers can head here to get up to speed.

Questions you might have before signing up How does the day trial work? You must have a simple online time tracking software where you can log working hours, easily run reports, and bill your clients.

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For example, a rule can be set to notify users of issues by SMS. But why would you pay for it when you can get any template on-line for free. Schedule and organize team meetings from a single place. What types of payment do you accept? Project Reports Gantt and resource utilization charts visually represent your team progress against your pre-defined goals and provides comprehensive summary reports about tasks, milestones, tasks lists completed, files and disk usage. Zoho Projects is a pay-as-you-go service monthly or yearly , so you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you need provided you are the portal owner. Here is a run-down of the functionality of Zoho Projects. We do not ask for your credit card information when you sign up for Zoho Projects. You may cancel your account any time you want. Charts and Reports Whether you're taking a broad view of the project or drilling down to a specific case, we've got everything covered.

Do I have to sign a long term contract? You can switch the view of the Gantt chart to show you upcoming due dates first.

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It puts all the information in one central place so that it is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. These incude tasks, milestones, and activity scheduling based on deadlines. With Feeds, anyone on your team can post a quick update or question to the group. Any newcomers can head here to get up to speed. Task and Milestones Set your goals as milestones and break them down further into tasks. The least favorable review Anonymous Reviewer 2 years ago Pros: There is very little, if anything about this product that is likable. Share ideas and keep the conversation flowing through forums. If you are doing very basic project management, like planning a wedding or a home renovation this tool would be good for you. Leaders and teams come in all flavors. Progress can be reviewed from a variety of locations throughout the app, including the dashboard. Kanban A view of your tasks as cards placed along columns. You only need to enter a name and the dates, but you can also assign owners, add a description, set priority, and more.

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