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In this project, students select a modern trend and follow it through various media outlets.

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Fun Ways of Teaching the Countries of Africa Greece Greece presented not only famous architecture and mythology to the world, but also people such as Demosthenes, Pericles and Alexander the Great, and concepts such as democracy and the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle.

After that, students could bring me drafts for revisions until the due date of the project.

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Paste it onto blank paper. As mentioned above, many lesson ideas can be extended to develop culminating projects.

Project based learning us history

Rome Rome was not built in a day, and one way to demonstrate that might be with a time-line project. Students then choose one of those countries to investigate in depth by creating a poster and short presentation. Students really enjoyed the Mystery City project. At the end of this phase, students developed a rough outline of the modern trend. To prepare students to be effective citizens of the ever-shrinking global world, we simply cannot just "teach the facts" and hope for the best. Hannah took us on a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park. See hereProjects Based on Illustrative Cases of Global Patterns In another answer on this site, I wrote about the value of using case studies to teach world history. If you wish to undertake this assignment, you should be willing to work closely with school or local librarians, as they have access to the resources that are essential to the successful completion of this project. Medical and health issues. Here you can browse archives for project ideas or join the group and ask other teachers for suggestions. My middle-school students created some amazing timelines in our online classroom for our Foundations of World History class! The timeline could show the long history of Rome, starting with its founding in B. However, many of these events actually occurred during the same time frame. Once you have selected your theme, check with various news outlets to obtain information at least once a week on your topic.

Currently, there are not very many culminating world history assessments on the Internet. To cover such a broad spectrum of people and ideas, students can create PowerPoint presentations that can display pictures of people and places and also show the words and ideas of some of these historical figures.

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In this activity, students have to determine the particular significance of world historical events within a given time period or over several time periods.

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Timelines and Traveling the World: History and Geography Projects