Why is mark antony more successful than brutus in winning over the crowd at caesars funeral essay

The triumvirs, particularly Antony, defeat the conspirators, though they do so with no regard for cruelty, tyranny, and betrayal.

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Marc Antony uses several persuasive devices in his speech, which allows him to successfully convince the citizens of Rome to turn …show more content… Because Antony cannot speak negatively about the conspirators, he uses verbal irony and repetition in his speech to say one thing, but make the audience believe the opposite. Often, actions speak louder than words, and Antony successfully uses theatrics in his oration to create a dramatic effect that will have a lasting impact on the crowd. In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, friendship vs. Brutus uses rhetoric to persuade the crowd of plebeians that the murdering of Caesar was positive and beneficial to all of Rome, winning their support and causing them to join his cause. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. He plays with their desire and strengthens it by holding back information until exactly the right moment, which consequently makes the mob even more passionate and dangerous. Antony is planning far in advance, showing his high hopes for the future. Consequently, after this occurs, Brutus finds himself soon opposed by Antony aided by Octavius and Lepidus, who defeat him John D. Antony was infuriated with Caesar's assassination, and wants to seek revenge on his killers as well as gain power for himself in Rome's government. Brutus exhibits all of these qualities, therefore rightfully Julius Caesar : Fate Vs. Here, again, he is deviously employing the craft of the rhetoric, as a riot is precisely what he wants. This also expresses his supposed low self-confidence, thereby evoking pity among the crowd in an attempt for support and praise of his great oration. He flatters him and attacks his weaknesses, naive sense of honour, and nobility. This is due to the overwhelming desire for power and authority among the ruling class. These speeches, exemplifying parallelism, verbal irony, and witty use rhetoric, expose the true intentions of these characters.

Antony makes this clear by telling the crowd that he is "no orator as Brutus is". Antony enters with Caesar's body and shows his lamentation over his death, which reminds the plebeians what a horrible deed Brutus committed.

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When the roman empire was the most powerful in the world and a man named Julius Caesar was the roman statesman and general who ruled it. Both of the speeches have similar have similar beginnings He has been given power by the people of Rome, and they are clearly in favour of him, even though since his oration his principles appear to have changed.

mark antony speech analysis essay

William Shakespeare however changes the historic accounts to some point in order for the Elizabethan audience of that time to fully understand and appreciate the story, as well to make it more entertaining Commas punctuate his first line as he speaks slowly to give the retreating people time to hear him.

Rhetoric, diction and structure are all powerful tools commonly seen being used by people to persuade and manipulate or to justify and calm, to name a few.

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In this essay I will compare and contrast these two speeches. He wants to reduce the amount of money left by Caesar to the poor of Rome, and instead keeps it for the triumvirate and to cut costs for his army. Antony is incredibly emotional and filled with grief and anger in this soliloquy. When the roman empire was the most powerful in the world and a man named Julius Caesar was the roman statesman and general who ruled it. Although his actions have been carried out on behalf of Rome, he has adapted them for personal gain. Again and again he repeats the phrase "honorable men," and each time the irony is more powerful. After Caesar's murder, however, their true personalities emerge. In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, friendship vs. Brutus convinces the Romans that Caesar would be a tyrant if he did not murder him, while Antony convinces the Romans that Caesar is not ambitious and there would never be another ruler like Caesar Betrayed by Brutus, who conspired with others, Julius Caesar soon meets his death through assassination halfway through the play. Before Caesar's death both men are guarded and somewhat a secret to the reader. But Brutus says that he was too ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man.
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