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India is also facing a rising number of interstate and trans-border river conflicts. It particularly highlights two examples.

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Their sole source of water is private tankers that used to recklessly plunder farm wells located a short distance away. Different conservative estimates that Delhi water need is million gallons daily, whereas the supply is only million gallons daily.

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The game's primary goal is to raise awareness of the water crisis, by educating children as well as adult gamers. These problems are already being witnessed in several states.

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It is that bad. Also, in many Indian cities, water is not properly distributed.

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Also, in many Indian cities, water is not properly distributed. That trend is likely to shift into reverse in the second half of the century, however, shrinking the flow to around 1. In order to develop policies for sustainable groundwater use, it is essential that reliable data on groundwater availability be used and quality be systematically collected. This brought water back to 1, drought-hit villages, revived five rivers which had gone dry, increased farm productivity by 20 to 80 per cent, increased forest cover by 33 per cent and also brought back antelopes and leopards. NOC is not accorded to such industries including bottled water manufacturing units proposed to be located in areas notified by the Authority. Already there are plans to bring water by train wagons from Vellore, which is about km away. Water is rationed in residential apartments and malls are asking their water-intensive outlets to either take a break or use the blue gold frugally. He weaves between concrete barriers and noses into a pull-off at the edge of an overpass.
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India’s water crisis: The clock is ticking