Tqm in banking

Research Modality The mode of collecting relevant information has been direct interviews of some bank officials, telephonic interviews of some bankmen, resource persons in the subject of banking and finance, direct beneficiaries and prospective beneficiaries of these financial services etc.

In short, quality determines profits, and customers alone define and determines what that quality is and should be.

total quality management in hdfc bank

Presently banks are ranked, benchmarked, and judged of their success by sheer size, financial resources, and other quantitative measures which hardly indicate customer service quality: asset base, number of ATM's automated teller machinesnumber of transactions, number of depositors, amount of loans released, etc.

Insure that quality is a factor in all performance, compensation, and incentive programs; Quality Must be a Management Priority Management participation and leadership is crucial to building a service quality culture.

quality in banking industry

Form a quality council composed of senior managers who report to the CEO; 5. Their main characteristics are exceptional service and great products with reasonable fees, so the choice is easy for their customers.

But they are silent on what is important to the ATM customer: machine and network downtime and breakdown, which often cause a lot of inconvenience and frustration.

Published secondary data from books, journals and Internet also has been utilised. So he will not leave any occasions for achieving or attaining excellence. After passing out from the education institutions the courses prescribed as the basic qualification for managing an entry to any of the posts in a bank they get into a bank.

Initiate a recognition and reward system to reward quality achievements for individuals and groups;

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Total Quality Management in Banking