There are many different measurable aspects

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Increasing well-being is generally accepted as one of the essential components of social progress, but if different aspects of life all contribute to well-being, can or should we construct an overall measure of it? All others bring data".

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Ordinal scales admit of any transformation function as long as it is monotonic and increasing, and nominal scales admit of any one-to-one substitution.

Teams KPIs for marketing requires vastly different insights than KPIs for sales, as is the case for human resources, or any other department you can think. Contemporary discussions, by contrast, no longer present theory-ladenness as an epistemological threat but take for granted that some level of theory-ladenness is a prerequisite for measurements to have any evidential power.

Strategic Priority 1. Systematic corrections involve uncertainties of their own, for example in the determination of the values of constants, and these uncertainties are assessed through secondary experiments involving further theoretical and statistical assumptions.

It is therefore desirable to be able to test whether different measures, such as different questionnaires or multiple controlled experiments, all measure the same latent attribute.

Speed and temperature - Two more commonly used scalar quantities in physical calculations are speed and temperature. The list of strands of scholarship is neither exclusive nor exhaustive.

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Defining goals, objectives and targets