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Some of the most exciting discoveries are being made in museums. First of all they say that only inscribed is the second room—it's not true. And so here are these stupendous, gigantic things thrusted up to the sky, polished white limestone, blazing in the sunshine. You would like to know more about the Hieroglyphic writings which talk about Atlantis in the Egyptian pyramids. Egyptologists theorize that these pyramids were built between BC and BC, but they may in fact be very much older than any such educational guess! It is clear that the west walls, in the direction of Plato's Atlantis from Saqqara and Giza, were being used especially for the Atlantic or Atlantean Texts. According to Redford, 60 to 70 men would pound out the stone. Can you imagine floating down the Nile and—say you're working on Khafre's Pyramid—and you float past the Great Pyramid of Meidum and the Pyramids of Dashur, and, my God, you've never seen anything like this. NOVA: Some of the theories of who built the pyramids suggest that the builders may not have been from Egypt. And I'm going to gloss over that. I look at the sublime ship of Khufu that was found buried south of the pyramid. But, anyway, they started keeping track of people and their time on the royal labor project.

They are not really pushed to do it. So from this evidence we deduce that there was a labor force that was assigned to respective crew gang phyles and divisions.

So I said, taking just a raw figure, if 12 men in bare feet—they lived in a lean-to shelter, day and night out there—if they can quarry stones in 21 days, let's do the simple math and see, just in a very raw simplistic calculation, how many men were required to deliver stones a day, which is what you would have to deliver to the Khufu Pyramid to build it in 20 years.

This "wall of the crow" turned out to be massive indeed, 30 feet high, with a gateway soaring to 21 feet, one of the largest in the ancient world.

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But my own approach to this stems to some extent from "This Old Pyramid. Number two, we found evidence that those people had emergency treatment.

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By his accounts, the labor force that built Khufu totalled more thanpeople. Estimates suggest that between 20, and 30, laborers were needed to build the Great Pyramid at Giza in less than 23 years. And it actually comes up 5, or less men, including the stone setters. You have this group and another group.

We're talking about a society where they didn't have cameras, you didn't see yourself age.

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Egyptologists are never going to succeed in translating the deeply spiritual PYRAMID TEXTS, as long as they insist on rewriting everything with concretely slanted inconsistent meanings of all of its prepositions, verbs and nouns, even when they actually know better. Editor's Note: This story has been updated since its original publication in And we found 12 skeletons who had accidents with their hands. Egyptologists might be mistaken, says Lehner, to think of pyramid building as analogous to a s WPA project. These are the hugest things. Today, all across the site, the ruins stand only ankle to waist high. And we found that those people, number one, they were Egyptians, the same like you see in every cemetery in Egypt. We're talking about a society where they didn't have cameras, you didn't see yourself age.

If you execute the Lost Technique correctly and remain calm enough, the many stern and silent Dwellers on the Threshold of the Eye as one at a time they examine you for purity will be among your first Threshold Visions toward the end of every meditation hour for many months to come.

His international team of 30 archaeologists has excavated 10 percent—or 5, square meters—intensively, a huge undertaking when using modern stratigraphic standards.

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They had accidents during building the pyramids.

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