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If you dream of a large company of women of all ages, this dream foretells sorrow and sadness.

Dreaming of a woman meaning

If you are very attracted to a woman in your dream this may represent a desire to have something occur or to have a pleasurable type of experience. If you encounter a woman wearing a white or black veil - get ready for very sad news. A woman entering into your house is interpreted as happiness and surprise. Women tend to be more passive whilst males can be over aggressive and stubborn. If the hung woman was incredibly beautiful, this means that sudden turn of events will give you a priceless experience. An old woman could reflect your feelings about getting old. Also promises one which on grounds of her beauty care a nice appearance shows, more luck and joy than a neglected one. I dreamed that a large crowd gathered for a concert at a medium sized concert hall. Not all of my dreams are from God, in fact, most of them are not. It all come down to the situation. A male may want to generally express his feminine side but if he is in a situation with his grandmother then he may feel immense pressure to show his male characteristics. Popular: arab.

I think that is false. It also symbolizes suspicion. If she was hung in a loft under roof, such plot predicts unexpected guests that will bring chaos into your life.

Most Common Woman Dreams: A seductive woman - Such a dream depicts the sexual feelings in your heart. Also it will go out to him in view of the remaining females, - besides, the veiling points to the secret desire.

In reality we all tend to act in a feminine way in some situations yet in other situations we act in a male way.

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If you admired the beautiful young woman, it is a piece of advice: try to behave more sensibly, avoid frivolous actions, because it can cost you dearly. Symbolism: A woman represents feministic attitude, beauty, social circle, secrets, psychic abilities, spiritual wisdom, companionship and healing.

Those men, who respect the women in their lives, gain immense success. In my dreams I'm always a girl I'm a guy in real lifeor I start out a guy and end up changing into a woman. If you were responsible for hanging a woman, you will finally get an expensive item you wanted as a present.

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Beautiful Woman Dreaming about a beautiful woman indicates a profitable job, an absolute success, a victory against your rivals, wealth and ease.

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Dream Interpretation: Woman