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Michael's father, James E. On February 6, , the Chicago City Council approved, by a 41—6 vote, an increase in the city's real estate transfer tax to fund the Chicago Transit Authority. Daley aged 74 suffered a fatal heart attack. The youngest son, William M. Daley's supporters deluged his office with grateful letters and telegrams nearly 4, according to Time magazine. He also stated that electrical shocks had been administered to his gums, lips and genitals. Their eldest son, Richard M. Their eldest son, Richard M.

But that was only a foretaste of the bitter draught yet to come. The youngest son, William M. Despite a declining tax base as people and businesses moved to the suburbs, the city of Chicago remained solvent and with a high bond rating at a time when other large urban centers were struggling.

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Sweitzer, and Joseph L. Newhouse and William S.

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Personal life and family[ edit ] Daley met Eleanor "Sis" Guilfoyle at a local ball game. Served until He is remembered for doing much to avoid the declines that some other "rust belt" cities like Cleveland and Detroit experienced during the same period. Another son, John P. She hoped her son's life would be more professionally successful than that of his parents. There must be a thorough investigation of this alleged brutality. Daley has come back to give the new Mayor a few electoral tips and complain about his burial site. Daley attended Catholic elementary and high schools where he learned clerical skills and took night classes at DePaul University College of Law to earn a Juris Doctor in Hanrahan, Richard H. Daley enjoyed tremendous loyalty from the voters of the city of Chicago and was reelected each term with substantial majorities. On balance, the Daley mayoralty was judged a success. On December 2, , the Chicago City Council appointed Alderman Eugene Sawyer as mayor until a special election for the remaining two years of the term could be held in Daley, was elected mayor of Chicago in , and has served in that position ever since. The classic "use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved" line delivered by a police dispatcher is an obvious homage to Daley's order during the riots following Martin Luther King's assassination. That's the wrong word to use.

Hamburg and similar clubs were funded, at least in part, by Democratic politicians. Early in his new term, on December 20,Daley died and was buried at suburban Worth, Illinois.

Daley said it was an issue of fairness.

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He is remembered for doing much to avoid the declines that some other "rust belt" cities like Cleveland and Detroit experienced during the same period. Later, radical activists Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and three other members of the "Chicago Seven" were convicted of crossing state lines with the intent of inciting a riot as a result of these confrontations, though the convictions were overturned on appeal.

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Richard J. Daley: American politician