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So the conservation of even non-beneficial species is equally significant e.

Importance of plants essay

Usually, species diversity increases, if species richness is higher. It is based in part on knowing the ecology of pests, which is used to understand when and where they are the most vulnerable to their enemies. Ecosystem provides a variety of goods and other services- immediate as well as long term material which are vital to our well being. Plants and Life on Earth What is the environment? Examples might include "nurse plants" whose shade allows young cacti to establish. Often such long term experiments show that herbivores have a significant effect upon the species that make up the plant community. It is very necessary to maintain the level of biodiversity on the earth so that the environmental harmony can be balanced. The endemic species and genera are largely concentrated in two principal biogeographical regions of India i. Indian ecosystem diversity is described at each of the three levels biogeographical region, biotic province and biome. Having protected areas for spices to thrive. Ecological Ecosystem Diversity: The diversity of ecological complexes or biotic communities found in a given area. Additionally, there are around species of insects which have their habitat in our country. There are a number of causes which are known to cause extinction of wildlife: 1. Distribution: There is an uneven distribution of biodiversity on the Earth.

The realization that soil sickness or soil fatigue, could be avoided by sterilizing soils, suggesting that biota play a role, has generated wide interest in replant diseases Hoestra For example, there are dedicated national parks which earmark the area for wild animals and plants and reduce human intervention in their lives.

The low relative to the core of the Alaska Range, which includes Denali, the highest mountain in North America Teklanika Hills loom in the background.

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Natural resources are living and nonliving materials in the environment that are used by humans. The total plant wealth of the country includes not only the usually large showy flowered vascular plants, but a large number of non-flowering plants such as ferns, liverworts, algae and fungi. Some important ecosystems are savarmas, rain forests, deserts, lakes, wetlands and oceans. Essay on Biodiversity — Essay 5 Words Biodiversity can be said to mean the extreme importance of a very wide variety of animals and plants that are resident on the planet earth or in a particular habitat. Definitions Here, we provide definitions for use in the field of plant—soil feedbacks. Aesthetic and Cultural Importance: Due to their beauty, many birds, variously colourful butterflies, mammals, green forests etc. This helps to make the soil rich with nutrients. Other species also do the same and depend on a variety of other species to sustain them and provide them with the basics. Genetic diversity is the amount of genetic variability among individuals of a single species as also between species. This approach has been used to determine the contribution of plant—soil feedbacks to secondary succession. Many plants and animals are worshipped in different cultures and religions such as Ocitnum sanctum Tulsi which is a plant worshipped by Hindus. For example, the Pacific Yew tree produces a substance which is used in cancer treatments. In some parts of the world, wood is the primary fuel used by people to cook their meals and heat their homes.

The climatic conditions of a region decide the presence of different species in an area. For example, ecological studies have shown that fire plays a key role in maintaining healthy forest ecosystems in certain types of forests.

However, it may create a problem when crops are attacked by insects or fungal disease.

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This finding was taken to suggest that exotic plant species could become invasive by not being exposed to negative plant—soil feedbacks, but it does not exclude the possibility that the exotic species were dominants in their native range where they may have had neutral plant—soil feedbacks as well.

Soil is made up of lots of particles of rocks which are broken down into very small pieces.

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