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Yet, however tragic and disillusioning the developments in the story are, they all support the statement in the introduction that Animal Farm remains a source of great intellectual pleasure and political insight.

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This ironically implied at the end of the story where men and pigs drink together and play cards that is sometimes a class game in human society. The pigs, under the cruel eye of Napoleon and with the silver tongue of Squealer, are able to maintain control through one mouthpiece.

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He marries four wives and drapes his most favourite sow with Mrs. This would have been seen as an ultimate treachery among the animals—an act of pure brutality on the part of the humans even though it is later another animal who does it to him. The working class, represented by the majority of the animals, are shown to be at the lowest end of the spectrum throughout the book. In solving political problems, Napoleon greatly depends on his battalion of dogs. Animal Farm and V for Vendetta both shows the comparison between of how leaders use propaganda to be seen as a loyal and upstanding. This directly relates to the aspects of propaganda and visualises the crafty and manipulative characteristics the pigs possess. However, in order to exploit the other animals, Napoleon starts conforming to the standards of the Joneses. He does none of the tasks that he refers to, nor faces the hardships that the other animals face. The Seven Commandments that represent Animalism seem to answer this need. Although his defence expenditure is somewhat extravagant, he seems to be using his investments in a manner profitable to him. In the death of Major just three days after his menacing speech, Orwell carefully sums up the destiny of most political philosophers who have died without seeing their political visions materialise. Even the post-revolutionary condition could lead to an anarchic situation in human society. The funny character of Moses in a raven figure with his stories of Sugar Candy Mountains also constitutes a depicting religion. Napoleon is a Machiavellian on the one hand and a Chauvinist on the other.

There a mistake committed by Napoleon in the card game leads to a dispute between the men and the pigs, and the angry faces of the pigs and the men look identical and leave a shocking impression in the other animals.

At one point, after the pigs have violated one of the commandments about not sleeping in beds like humans, everything is clarified with the working class with a simple statement by Squealer.

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This can be seen through the phase of tyranny the two texts encompasses. Why is marketing important? In the end, it seems that the masses are prone to believing anything as long as it is put to them well enough. The men on the farm retaliate by whipping the animals, but the situation goes out of control. In the death of Major just three days after his menacing speech, Orwell carefully sums up the destiny of most political philosophers who have died without seeing their political visions materialise. Orwell does not delay in hinting at the sad plight of the other animals caused by the dominance of the pigs. Yet he is the lord of all animals p. Orwell creates a dramatic situation for the time bomb to explode. Orwell cuts a new dimension in his caricature of Napoleon by depicting his gradual deterioration exemplified in the violation of the Seven Commandments. They are meant to distract the animals from their natural ways and their basic concerns of life. McTeigue and Orwell both resonate with audiences today by warning to the future society that a government body can potentially become corrupt due to the inability to govern excessive power. The social stratification that began with the overthrowing of Mr. Once the situation calms down, the animals decide to draft the Animal Constitution.

In dealing with this theme Orwell has to call upon not only his technical skills as a novelist but also his political awareness and sympathy towards those who suffer from all the iniquities of bureaucratic machination, corruption, mismanagement, exploitation, and tyranny.

Napoleon was a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar, the only Berkshire on the farm, not much of a talker but with a reputation for getting his own way. The Animal Utopia around which the story has been invented is preceded by a violent revolution carried out by the animals on a farm.

They all want freedom. But his failure to express his grief about the other animals in the prime of his life and to lead a revolution by himself suggests that he is a very selfish character to keep silent and enjoy life until his end has come.

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Thus the rules and regulations which are introduced to the farm are very illogical, incomprehensible and misleading. And why not?

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His dining room etiquette that involves the employment of a butler cum food taster exemplifies another dimension of his imitation of the bourgeoisie.

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