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Never Take Advice From Writers. But to my characters. Ninth Moon for bookplate design and printing Moo. I sell a lot of books about writing during this time. Water contains mystical properties and is also where the Muses hide.

Put out the fire, Prince Zuko. Second, because I am a noisy, opinionated jackhole.

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Gassy, half-formed opinion. Your ideas. Point is, sometimes you need to change your process. Especially novels in the genre in which you tend to write. They are held rapt by them, and as you mesmerize them with narrative, you can kill them and take their hats and wands. I make actual money writing. Read the work and ask yourself: What reaction do you want them to have? Wendig is a misogynistic asshole in this book, with his comments about "Kim Kardashian's massive pork roast behind" or "unctuous barnacles scraped from the thighs of Oprah Winfrey". Plus, finishing a thing makes you feel good. So, I just want to note that you should be wary of writing advice from people inside publishing — not that you should dismiss it or disregard it.

Other writers have done this well, so study what they do. You want them to laugh. A story is not a story without an ending, and so you must practice to that point.

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My blog hits go through the roof during October and November. What are her tricks? Removing adjectives will force us not to describe things, and while over-describing things is bad, describing essential parts of the story is just fine. Read The Work Aloud. Look at their sentence structure. Read poetry. I like the movies, not the books. No secret handshake. Use them with intentionality. But still hard. There are infinite paths, and there is no one guaranteed way to success.

If someone rejects your work, reject their rejection of your work. How do you want them to heal? I wrote a whole novel in grunts and pictograms.

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