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Impacts Research matters. What is your particular research about? In addition, I would like to point out that SciFinder is going to celebrate its 7th birthday. Has anyone done it before? There have been a few occasions when I woke up to the 6.

Being an international student, curious and opened for new opportunities, I had a chance to work in various academic labs both in the US and abroad.

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Another unique feature which makes the CAS library and SciFinder really unique is the database of the conference abstracts. To succeed in these aims I have used various search tools and SciFinder has turned to be the most convenient and user-friendly.

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Participants will explore the process by which research is published, indexed and delivered to scientists around the world, and go behind the scenes to see how SciFindern can help them quickly find actionable results and deliver on their next big research project.

And I realised I was hitting correct the technique more often than I was missing.

scifinder future leaders 2019

Even though, it has already proved itself as the most reliable and convenient source of any desirable scientific information, with an excellent system of search and selection tools, each year it becomes better and gets more loyal supporters.

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