Psychometric study of academic self efficacy scale

In addition it is also suggested to use test—retest over a relative short time as form of reliability measure and other forms of reliability and validation techniques for further investigation.

academic self-efficacy scale jerusalem and schwarzer

Participants The study was conducted among high school students in Grades 7 to 10 from the selected private and public high schools in Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

There are two deviations from this structure.

academic self-efficacy scale zimmerman

The results are also consistent with the findings of Vantieghem et al. These include mastery experiences, vicarious experiences or seeing another person similar to oneself managing task successfully, social persuasion, that one has the capabilities and somatic and emotional states in which ordinary realities are strewn with impediments, adversities, setbacks, frustration, and inequities which have important contribution to self-efficacy belief Bandura, Example is the Patterns of Adaptive Learning by Midgley et al.

Individuals received a fee of about 20 Euros for their participation. The UL-LL method is described as one of the approaches in item analysis for identification of item discrimination index Cohen et al. Persons who initially agreed to participate but later declined were replaced by other participants with homogeneous characteristics.

academic self-efficacy scale zimmerman
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