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Her tone indicated that the family was at fault for the lack of communication even though Connie did not bother to engage an interpreter.

In what ways can the nurse provide culturally sensitive nursing care

Conclusion Introduction Working as a research nurse at the Ohio State University, I often encounter patients that are from different cultures. Another item that could have been on the kardex was the history of the patient from the perspective of the clinic nurse. She also intervened and got an interpreter rather than allowing one of the younger teenagers to interpret. The ever-changing demographics and disparities in health care present as challenging. The greater the difference in culture between two people, the greater the potential misunderstanding and mistrust. Diversity training is something that is a must for each healthcare professional and should be the basis of our healthcare education. She demonstrated her ability to provide culturally competent care for this family. I have been taking care of critically ill adult patients for 11 years. Thinking critically and independently is one of the skills that nurses need to achieve in order to attain the highest level of health for all people.

Through the lens of Herzberg 's theory, it is clear that transformation must occur at the level of an entire society if it is to occur in health care. Besides just treating the symptoms, every RN should acknowledge the patient's mind, soul, and spirit because everyone's values matter.

Examples of cultural considerations in nursing

We are the one who will fill in that gap so that our patients see us "as their advocates, with their best interests at heart. At the very best, the information gained will be inadequate and could cause more misunderstand and mistrust Ingram, In order to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitude on how to be culturally competent, pre-nurses should be required to finish a certain amount of volunteer hours till their senior years. In addition, the younger teenager who offered to translate stated she spoke very good English but indicated that she only attended summer school while in Minnesota. When a nurse takes the time to learn about a given culture prior to providing care, it conveys she respects the patient's right to their beliefs, customs, and culture. Gina could have the mother describe how the illness started and give a timeline of signs, symptoms, and interventions up to the present time. At this time no electrical appliance may be used or or any traveling by car. There are many solutions to this event because when there's a problem there is always an answer.

As a volunteer, this is where I come in to become one of their extended families don't know how to say it should I say close friends? The lower part of the iceberg is under water or invisible and is indicative of the behavioral aspects of self that demonstrate who we are as a person.

Cultural competence in nursing examples

The second construct focuses on whether or not the healthcare worker has the necessary skills to conduct a cultural assessment in a manner that will insure insightfulness. He believes that taking pills would only destroy his mind and spirit. Many small rural hospitals do not have access to interpreters and it is common to have little to no cultural education provided to the employees. Developing a philosophy with any profession is the beginning basis of any practice. Martinez and told her that she was able tell that Bryan was a son from a nurse. An environment is a system, the aggregate of conditions, influences, forces, and cultural values that influence or modify an individual 's life in work and in the community. This way the patient could feel a strong connection with their health care providers because they are simply more than just a human being. It does not necessarily mean the nurse agrees with their practices but …show more content… The last area of the iceberg is motives. To provide culturally competent care one must first understand the history of the Indigenous Australians health and factors that have had an influence on it. I barely saw any nurses who actually had the time to sit down to listen and talk with their patient.

Patients from multiple religious and cultural backgrounds live longer and have multiple health problems requiring complex interventions eventually become hospitalized for care Thinking critically and independently is one of the skills that nurses need to achieve in order to attain the highest level of health for all people.

For example, was the child falling down, crying a lot before she became listless, et cetera. I feel that culturally competent healthcare is considered a human right.

cultural competence in healthcare
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Essay on how to be culturally competent (applies to nurses too)