Project report on employee turnover

And, turnover rates are on the rise, the Bureau now reports; turnover also varies widely among different industries.

scope of the study of employee turnover

As the pyramid shows, respect is the foundation of keeping your employees. In an intensely competitive environment where HR managers are poaching from each other, organizations can either hold on to their employees tight or lose them to competition. What does your organization offer that others do not?

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While the overall level of pay is unlikely to play a major role unless it is way below the market rate, perceived unfairness in the distribution of rewards is very likely to lead to resignations.

People tend to leave organisations for a variety of reasons. Clearly, if managers are impersonal, arbitrary, and demanding, there is greater risk of alienation and turnover.

Project report on employee turnover

Employee turnover occurs when employees voluntarily leave their jobs and must be replaced. It saves employees money as well as gives them a peace of mind that they have somebody to take care of them in bad times. Wipro largely an acronym of "Western India Products" started as a vegetable oil trading company in from an old mill at Amalner, Maharashtra, India founded by Azim Premji's father. Job satisfaction can equate to employees who stick with their current employer and strive to perform at or above expectations and standards. Calculate the cost of various training materials needed including company or product manuals, computer or other technology equipment used in the delivery of training. Poorer performers can be identified and assisted, then rewarded when they improve. Employees who are made to feel that their jobs are precarious may put a great deal of effort in to impress, but they are also likely to be looking for more secure employment at the same time. The study says that the attrition in Private Sector has become the major issue. Along with this, the decisionmaking authority and the scope of the assignment amount of responsibility should also increase. Importance of Relationship in Employee Retention Program Sometimes the relationship with the management and the peers becomes the reason for an employee to leave the organization. Loss of Productivity New employees take some time to get up to speed, particularly in complex jobs. The group exposed to the employee who quit had lower productivity levels than the group exposed to the ill employee.

Improve employee morale and job satisfaction to increase retention. William H. Evaluation of individual commitment should be based on results achieved and not on hours put in.

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