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Keep in mind that playing against AIs will always be like playing against AIs, and it cannot compare to online play which Project Reality has been developed for.

Playing around on a local server is also recommended as you will get the basics about how the weapons work in this mod. Lastly, remember that everyone makes mistakes time to time, but develop a good habit of learning from your mistakes, and preventing them in the future.

You are yet to learn how this mod works, therefore it is recommended that you take it slow. When joining the server they will get an error saying "Your connection to the server has been lost". By learning these mechanics, you can gain a better understanding and prevent confusion at critical moments.

The way to create a server is the same as it would be when creating a server through "Deployment". Here you can choose how many AIs you'd like to play against, the ratio for the teams eg. The default keys for chat are "J" both teams"K" your team and "L" your squad.

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The primary core ethos of Project Reality is teamwork. However, in order to play Project Reality smoothly and increase immersion, your rig should meet or exceed the recommended system requirements. Remember that you can always change the in-game graphical settings under the "Options" tab to suit your needs.

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Hold your fire!

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