Positive and negative effect of radio shows

Very soon the entertainment started moving in other areas than music. The quickest source of telling people what to do, where to move and what instruction they must follow have always come from radio.

At one stage in 30s and 40s it appeared as the radio and film world are only two names of one same product. In this chapter we will see how radio programs and its other uses changed the lifestyle of people around the world.

impact of radio on society pdf

Others who are having a bad day may feel better after hearing a favorite song or humorous program. A fitness center can play a station featuring more lively music such as classic rock or hiphop to help energize exercisers as they go through their workouts. Enhancing Image Radios can be used to enhance a business's image or create a desired client experience.

Censorships It is applied by the governments when a political crisis is visible. Advertising helped The corporate sector sensed the importance of radio as one strong medium to reach very high number of consumers of their products and services and started buying time for this purpose.

And at the same time boosting morale of your own people and army.

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EFFECTS OF RADIO ON SOCIETY*Introduction to Mass Communication