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He believed such a city to be the best form of human society. The human act of Choice, however, as human, is in fact affected by such impulses or stimuli, but is not determined by them; and it is, therefore, not pure in itself when taken apart from the acquired habit of determination by Reason.

Be formal B.

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Simply expressing earnest doubts or your own heartfelt beliefs to the contrary without substantiation are of no real interest. This is a very important assumption that might reasonably be called into question. Drugs cause long term health problems. Putnam, Hilary. In a philosophy paper you should strive to state the argument s with as much clarity and precision as you can whether it is your own position or someone else's. Ethical virtue is concerned with disposition and actions. Ohio: Perrysburg, New terms need to be explained and the inferences that the author makes from one step of the argument to the next should be clear. And, in regard to the practical application to cases, it is manifest that only an approximation to systematic treatment is to be expected, and not the attainment of a System complete in itself. Aquinas, Thomas.

Varying our examples and avoiding 'man' and 'mankind' will benefit men and women alike. Even if you agree with the conclusion of an argument and you believe that the reasoning is sound, a good philosophy paper will address potential objections and defend against them.

The Orders in the State. Common problems with certain words. On the contrary, the Law of many of them lies outside of Ethics.

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An argument in philosophy is not merely a disagreement between people. As the the trial goes on, we begin to see deep inside the mind of this banal, monstrous man. Aristotle explains that to act virtuously is different from being virtuous.

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Habitual Desire, again, constitutes Inclination; and the connection of Pleasure with the activity of Desire, in so far as this connection is judged by the Understanding to be valid according to a general Rule holding good at least for the individual, is what is called Interest. Restate the thesis of the paper. You must say precisely what is not clear, and why this impedes your ability to understand and evaluate the reasoning at hand. Avoid the use of 'man,' 'mankind,' 'he,' 'him,' and 'his,' when you mean to include all humans. They do not add anything to the sentence that is not said without them. Capital letters should not be used for emphasis 5. Page 10 of 10 Related Papers. Thus Newton accepted the principle of the Equality of Action and Reaction as established by experience, and yet he extended it as a universal Law over the whole of material Nature. Morphine is a drug that satisfies all the reasons given. New terms need to be explained and the inferences that the author makes from one step of the argument to the next should be clear. What you conclude is often not as important as explaining how you arrived at those conclusions. A successful paper will expose a problem with the reasoning of the argument in question, or defend it against serious objections. Or, otherwise, spurious and mixed motives might be adopted instead of what is dutiful and good in itself; and these would furnish no certain Moral Principles either for the guidance of the Judgment or for the discipline of the heart in the practice of Duty. One of the main goals of the writing exercise is to train students to carefully think through the issues themselves and learn to express and explain them clearly. In a general sense the term refers to a general cultivation of reason 'by way of the secure path of science' Bxxx.

If the author then said, "she stimulated the motor skill centers in the patient's brain," you would probably be surprised to hear the surgeon is a woman.

In this case, for example, the author might simply make an explicit exception for legitimate medical purposes.

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The Freedom to which the former laws refer, can only be Freedom in external practice; but the Freedom to which the latter laws refer, is Freedom in the internal as well as the external exercise of the activity of the Will in so far as it is determined by Laws of Reason. Make each step of the argument s as clear as possible. Hence, Ethical Legislation cannot as such be external, not even when proceeding from a Divine Will, although Edition: current; Page: [22] it may receive Duties which rest on an external Legislation as Duties, into the position of motives, within its own Legislation. The only notes needed are commentary notes by the author--and go sparingly on those. Another important basis for calling the truth of the reasons into question is logical consistency. Sometimes the problem with reasoning is that it is just unclear what the author is trying to say. Make sure that you do not claim that you have shown more than have actually shown in your paper. We see in some of our daily encounters that what a person does through habit in most cases becomes difficult to stop, for example; smoking, lying, drinking, and so on. Furthermore, they are not capacities or power since power is possessed by nature whereas, virtues and vices are not acquired by virtue. Be formal B.
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