Owning a porta potty business plan

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Continue with a location analysis describing where you conduct business and trends in your area that can help your business succeed.

Nowadays, toilet units have enough room and are also easily accessible by those on wheelchair.

Public toilet business plan

Not all commercial areas will have the adequate zoning. What happen if something happen to you? Prepare all legal documents, start the financing process and government related licences. For 25 years, the company has provided quality equipment coupled with excellent customer service. However, those who do take planning seriously happen to be the fastest growing and most profitable companies in portable sanitation. The Service Delivery Process of a Portable Toilet Rental Business When starting a business, the entrepreneur needs to ensure that he has the necessary finance, and must establish the business legally. You can contact directly construction companies, local State parks, or event organizers in your area… Look for locations where portable toilets are inexistent but would be needed. If you are writing for outside financing, give an overview of how business is conducted including how you find customers, how service is conducted, and how pricing is determined. As the economy starts to balance out again, perhaps you can manage the increase in businesses, so now might be the perfect time order additional restrooms. Would an expansion increase your overall profitability? Usually your portable toilets should be serviced on your property but in this kind of business, some of the toilets might need servicing while on site, so it is necessary to have a holding tank for the human waste and also get a hazardous material endorsement. How many portable toilets will you rent out on a regular month? There needs to be about 1 portable toilet for every 50 people at any given time. A large warehouse is a very good solution which will protect the equipment from the outside elements , but you can also look for an outside area. This will protect you and your new company in case of a problem, injury, incident, or anything that might occur in relation with your portable toilets or business.

If you are planning to add employees and equipment, project how these additions can increase business and add that to your most likely figures. Keeping restrooms on hand Like many other service industries, portable restroom businesses see constant ebb and flow in the number of customers.

This could be the ideal time to invest in an expansion with more restrooms to meet the needs of more customers or to branch out into new markets. Do you have enough wiggle room in your profit margins to sustain a possible temporary dip in profitability?

Market your business. Describe the industry and the product. As with any other business question, you have to consider whether your business can sustain a profit after a major expansion.

By networking with other businesses that are like yours, you can keep track of industry trends and know when it is time to upgrade your equipment or your portable toilets to better serve your clients. Find customers As per your Portable Restroom business planyou need to identify your market and ideal potential clients.

A permit will probably be needed to dispose waste, and the fees charged to dispose the waste can vary. Making Your Own Luck A good business plan is as much about the journey as the destination. Keep in mind the length of the event will make a difference. Identify who will be using your portable toilet business and target those potential clients.

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Starting a portable toilet business Tips