Nursing as a profession of choice

perception of nursing profession

Nurses Can Enter the Workforce Relatively Quickly While some nursing students take a conventional path and earn their BSN in nursing in four years, other nurses decide to earn an associate degree or diploma in nursing. Additionally, two-thirds of nurses who responded to the survey said they would encourage others to pursue a career in nursing.

They work while surrounded with both colleagues and patients, meeting new people each day.

Nursing as a profession of choice

They explained it by saying that the decision to choose a future profession is taken too early and young people often do not know what they want to do in life. All the focus groups had the same observer, the second author of the paper AO , who observed the interactions between the participants. These positions give nurses much more autonomy and lucrative salaries. Another aspect that needs to be stressed in the Polish socio-occupational situation of young people deciding on their future career, is the perception of nursing in terms of its ability to ensure job security and permanent income albeit the latter currently low. They also had their own explanations for such attitudes of nurses. Nurses Make a Difference Commitment and dedication is needed to be a nurse. The Army offers nurses reserve duty and active duty status. Nurses Work with People Nurses do not spend their entire workday locked away and isolated in an office. Nursing Jobs are In Demand One of the fastest growing occupations in the United States is nursing, with a greater need for caregivers and qualified nurses to care for our aging elders and patients combating chronic disease. A cross-sectional study of the nursing profession conducted among Polish medical students confirmed that they mostly perceive nurses in terms of the tasks associated with the therapeutic process rather than the development of independence.

DZ participated in the review of the results and was involved in the interpretation of the data. Nurses who earn graduate degrees can become nurse practitioners or nurse anesthesiologists, for example. Consequently, nursing students can choose to concentrate in a particular area based on their interests.

Job Security The overall career field of nursing provides economic stability and job security, both highly attractive to nursing graduates.

But they also often go above and beyond, with a majority volunteering in their communities to promote public health, as found by a study published in the Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice journal.

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