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Here are a few examples of action verbs to use when highlighting specific skills: To demonstrate leadership skills: Accomplished, contracted, assigned, directed, orchestrated, headed, delegated To demonstrate communication skills: Addressed, translated, presented, negotiated, moderated, promoted, edited To demonstrate research skills: Constructed, examined, critique, systematized, investigated, modeled, formulated To demonstrate creative skills: Revitalized, redesigned, developed, integrated, conceptualized, fashioned, shaped Avoid using too many "I" statements because it can come off as though you're mostly interested in what you can gain from the company.

Be careful here — a small slip-up could send your application to the wrong place. You should include experience and skills that relate directly to the job posting.

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It all starts with your first sentence. End with a call to action End your letter with a reason for them to contact you.

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These word variations at least show that you can think beyond what the average applicant is willing to do. Other Cover Letter Writing Resources 1.

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However, make sure you have checked with your contacts in advance and asked if they are willing to give you a referral. Therefore, be sure to t horoughly proofread your cover letter and all of your application materials, for that matter. The career experts share tips on how to write a cover letter that stands out: 1. Include your contact information, the date, and the contact information of the employer at the top of the letter. It's important to send your cover letter and resume attachments correctly, to include all the information requested so your message is read, and to let the receiver know how they can contact you to schedule an interview. In fact, it should be the complete opposite, according Harvard's career experts. You can include a particular teaching moment when you were particularly successful.

A custom letter will help the reader to see, at a glance, that you are a good match for the job. Successful cover letters go something like this: Memorable introduction Specific, organized examples of relevant work done and problems solved Concise conclusion with a call to action The rest is up to you.

Telling compelling stories from your career will make your cover letter unique and memorable for whoever reads it.

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