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In Argentina, after a series of military governments that shackled culture in general, the industry re-emerged after the — military dictatorship to produce The Official Story inbecoming the first of only three Latin American movies to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Over the past two decades the U. Yet, at the same time, a quick glance at a list of top 10 films at the box office for any given year reveals almost the same list of U.

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The participants signed three documents at the introductory meeting. But while Latin American literature crosses international borders, films are seldom seen outside of their respective countries.

Argentina's return to democracy was also accompanied by a return to filmmaking.

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It virtually dismantled Argentina's film industry by withholding film stock to punish that country for its neutral stance, while, through Nelson Rockefeller's Office for Coordina- tion of Inter-American Affairs, it encouraged heavy investment by U.

With a typical six- month window between a film's U. Its first films were produced as far back asthe same year that cinema was first projected in France by the LumiBre brothers.

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Yet beyond select festival screenings, most Latin Americans are unable to see their own films. Other short films were either created or influenced from French film-makers. When she gets sick, her employers bring in maid after maid to help her, but she drives them away, afraid she might end up losing her job. In addition to former measures, the f passed, would establish Film Council and create iic fund to aid filmmak- rrently outlined, the law ulates promotion, distri- exhibition. Preceding Chile's return to electoral democracy, a new generation of filmmakers echoed the country's unrest by questioning the dictatorship with works like Gonzalo Justini- ano's "Hijos de la guerra fria" Children of the Cold War, , Leonardo Knocking's "La estaci6n del regreso" The Season of Our Return, , and "Imagen latente" Latent Image, by Pablo Perleman. Garcia MArquez notes that the foundation does not wish to drive the majors out, but wants only to be able to distribute and exhibit films with the same freedom as U. Twelve coun- tries endorsed a Common Market Agreement, an initial plan that includes four titles, which would receive all the protection and legal benefits that a national film receives in its domestic market. Over the past two decades the U.

During the Mexican RevolutionToscano recorded several clips of the battles, which would become a full-length documentary inassembled by his daughter.

The foundation hopes to unify the diverse film industries through legislation to establish a Latin America common market for films, and through easing coproduction restrictions between Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking countries.

Limiting the number of titles pro- tects countries with modest levels of production: Venezuela, for instance, makes about 10 films annually compared to Mexico's approximate 80 or Argentina's This embryonic industry was s crushed by Gen.

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The foundation was established to encourage the production, preser- vation and development of Latin American cinema. The cinema law set up manda- tightening matogrdfico, a singular effort was tory screen time for domestic governme made to consolidate all sectors of films. You might notice a running theme in most films: social issues. Fomento presidential terms. Yet beyond select festival screenings, most Latin Americans are unable to see their own films. Besides sponsoring CACI, the New Latin American Cinema Foundation is busy coordinating coproductions, cataloging and assembling a single Latin American film archive, holding seminars, and working with outside groups such as the Sundance Institute in Utah. His daily life is filled with the works of Mario Benedetti, Juan Gelman, and OliverioGirondo, and his sometimes surreal and always interesting antics and affairs make for an amazing experience. Click here to see all of the individual selections of the survey's participants pdf format Cinema Tropical's programs are made possible with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Foreign sales of these films are mere gravy. When she gets sick, her employers bring in maid after maid to help her, but she drives them away, afraid she might end up losing her job. The U.

Pura sangre Ospina and Carne de tu carne Mayolo were produced in the s and belong to a different aesthetics.

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