Lab report chemical change

Discuss what evidence you observed to support this. If no reaction occurs write the words "no reaction" or NR instead of the products in your balanced equation and indicate why your think there was no reaction. Evolution of a gas—noted as bubbling in the solution.

investigating chemical reactions lab report

Be sure to include the states of all compounds in your equations solid, liquid, aqueous, or gas. For example, sodium phosphate can be used in an exchange reaction to precipitate calcium ions out of hard water as calcium phosphate, a reaction that is used in some commercial water softeners.

After that while keeping the samples towards the middle of the paper to prevent spilling, run a magnet along the bottom of the paper. Indicators that a chemical reaction had occurred was a smell and the compound had changed to a black color The third lab was an example of a single displacement reaction.

Looking at the way a substance combining with another substances that can make a whole different reaction is very interesting. There are many fields one can specialize in such as analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry. Note any changes in the appearance of the solid and anything else that appears in the test tube.

Lab report chemical change

Then mix the two samples in a test tube.

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Types of Reactions Lab Report