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Food Sources Some dairy products include yoghurt, milk, cheese, fromage frais, etc. Children as well as teens need a lot of calcium intake because their bones are still developing.

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The different classes of adulterants include non-permitted colors like yellow; non-edible oils like castor oil; cheaper agricultural produce like various starches in milk powder; extraneous matter like husk, sand and sawdust; and metal contaminants like aluminum or iron filings. By removing leafy tops from carrots, parsnips, turnips and beetroot, their storage life can be extended too many weeks or even several months in the refrigerator. Consume essential nutrients that your body needs to be fit and to maintain ideal body weight. Before storing chilled chicken for a couple of days, it is a good idea to take off the plastic wrapping, wash the chicken thoroughly, dry it with a paper towel then store as above. Diet is the foundation of one's well-being. The pesticide residues that are on the surface of the grapes, apples, guava, plums, mangoes, peaches, pears etc, fruity vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, and okra require washings. Artificial or synthetic soft drinks -which are prepared by using preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and are usually carbonated contain phosphoric acid which may affect enamel of teeth. How much should you eat? Dietary sources of fats are classified as- Animal fat —Major sources of animal fats are ghee, butter, milk, cheese, eggs and fat of meat and fish. Harvard strictly forbids any indication—either explicit or implied—that suggests or might cause others to believe that Harvard, the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T. Eat raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

Keep potatoes in a cool, dark, well ventilated place to avoid greening and sprouting; remove from plastic bags and place in a strong paper bag, box or in a wire or plastic bin. Vanaspati ghee - When vegetable oils are hydrogenated, it converts them in to semisolid or solid form which is called as vanaspati or vegetable ghee.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Hands should be washed thoroughly before starting the preparation of food and after every interruption.

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Eat moderate amounts of fats and oils Use unsaturated vegetable oils e. Tea and coffee — These are used for their flavour or their stimulating effects.

Eat fresh foods with the minimum of processing. Avoid cooked food is touched by the hands while preparing, serving and eating.

These foods should be stored under refrigeration, preferably at a temperature of 10 C or less, which retards multiplication of microorganisms. Fruits and vegetables are high in their water content and low in their fat content, which makes them ideal in preventing several health issues like high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies, lowered immune system and long-term illness.

Do not add salt or sugars to foods for babies and young children Why? Repeated heating should be avoided. They contain cholesterol and high amount of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids.

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