Is college tuition really that much

In this public system, the high cost of college has as much to do with politics as economics.

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There are also significant noneconomic benefits. And is it worth it?

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For this reason, students may want to estimate what six years of tuition and fees will cost them at schools with low four-year graduation rates, and be mindful of planning their schedules and making the most of AP and other college credits.

Like many categories of consumer products, though, colleges and universities do not constitute a single, cohesive market.

Is the cost of college too high argumentative essay

College aid — all the federal and state grants and subsidies, the various scholarships and aid packages offered by schools and foundations — evolved in piecemeal fashion over decades. No one knows for sure how good these colleges are at their core job of educating students. So why does college still cost half as much, on average, in other countries? This back-to-school season, The Atlantic is investigating a classic American mystery: Why does college cost so much? Prospective students also often overlook graduation rates when they are considering colleges, but they can be an important measures of a school's quality and cost. But as a group, students who attend more-selective schools are among the luckiest in our society. Your choice of major could also be a factor in how long you spend in college.

Typically, fierce market competition leads to lower prices, but among elite schools, the opposite occurs, paradoxically.

Meanwhile, more and more of the risk gets shifted from government onto families, in both sectors.

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Over the past decade, for example, Purdue University has reduced its in-state student population by 4, while adding 5, out-of-state and foreign students, who pay triple the tuition. The farther away you get from the United States, the more baffling it looks.

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