Iphone marketing plan

Currently, the market for high-end phones like the Apple iPhone is small. Downward pricing pressure — The iPhone is marketed as a high-end phone, but phone prices are almost certainly going to fall when other companies undercut the price of iPhones.

marketing project on apple iphone

New technologies in the cell phones are increasing. They looked happy and comfortable. We give attractive price so that people can just leave their old phone and get IPhone6 with reasonable price. Emotional connections are the key to successful marketing strategies.

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Iphone marketing plan

Creating a customer profile for each of your main audience segments is the best way to find out. Economical Situation Economical growth world wide is in a big recession which need careful manipulation Potentiality of the market is decreasing but it is higher than any others in the Telecom sector. For these reasons, the threats of new entrants are medium. Moreover, positive content is more likely to go viral than negative content. These might refer to student, professional working and socialite. Total IPhone market size is around 3 million people. This is part of their brilliance in content marketing; high tech without high tech terms. Mobile Square. It is also a well-known brand for businesspeople. Apple Press Info. Smartphone is a promising marketing media but it required great creativity and hook development to utilize this media efficiently. Nowadays, with the development of technology and communication, people require more functions in mobile phone rather than just calling, sending and receiving text message.

Instead, they use simple, direct words and they continually stress the benefits that consumers absolutely need and will be thrilled by. Apple also has loyal fans, which will not easy to switch to another similar product once the customers have been use IPhone.

In this step, the advertisement division will spread some trailer of the IPhone6 in social media such as YouTube because nowadays people are more responsive of any new things on the Internet. However, the features and hardware will still be kept until the launched date.

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iPhone Marketing Plan