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While many grow up on fairytales and epics, they quickly graduate to popular fiction.

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How can the channel be so mean in producing and airing such a mean show and also be proud about its meanness? Will she get married? We created something that we really care about. Younger cohorts are also more dissatisfied with their current jobs.

When colonization was occurring in India schools were established which taught and offered instruction in Should beef be banned? While many grow up on fairytales and epics, they quickly graduate to popular fiction.

Youth survey india

Indian youth need more guidance and career counselling Many youth report to facing multiple barriers to finding desirable and suitable job opportunities. There was an increase in the number of respondents who said employment prospects improved compared with those who said employment prospects worsened. Young people are increasingly seeking productive employment opportunities and career paths that reflect their individual aspirations. It also was among the first studies to explore parent—child relations, the ability of young people to make important life decisions for themselves, mental health symptoms, and civic participation among the young. No, she says and she presses the elevator button to go down and rush to the next house. As each region of India has elements of unique culture, occasions and celebrations can According to survey data collected by market researcher YouGov in collaboration with Mint, more urban youth believe it is easier to find a job now compared to six months ago. Updated: Apr 23, , The survey also confirms the suspicion that the Indian youth are more into religious activities than they were a couple of years ago. She is not into watching films, but should they be censored or banned? They are tied to family and community even as they gradually, although not fully, become more accepting of other castes and communities. It is disheartening to know that a Patna youth was arrested this February for allegedly uploading an obscene video of two teens, describing them as students of two prestigious schools of the city, to YouTube2. The youth are political and religious. Milan his son wanted more of him. India is faced with a paradox: there is significant youth unemployment, and yet the private sector bemoans a lack of adequately skilled and market-ready workers.

Janardhanan and Goswami are two of the over million youth in India — about one-third of the population. No, she shakes her head.

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For parents who are afraid to let their children watch the show, they probably have some serious trust issues with their kids if they think they can be that easily persuaded by a television series. A quick glance at the popular apps of Smart Phones makes one wonder at the rampant production and distribution of such explicit graphic material and also makes one question the intentions of such producers, who otherwise write and speak with gentleness using politically correct words.

India will not be able to realize its true growth potential its youth is not able to participate adequately and productively in its economy.

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Optimism about jobs rises among India's youth: Survey