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It is remarkable that though Peruvians did not admit the existence of an adequate people management strategy that provides support to company general strategy, they recognize that the department performs a consultancy role in specialized and general subjects.

It has a more strategic approach and a unitary outlook and endorses management views. It plans to redistribute health professionals and support staff within the country based on local health needs and staffing norms, but it does not say how it is going to redistribute the staff.

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Nonetheless there are some general principles of best practice that policy makers should keep in mind. Scales Respondents evaluated the IFFS importance for future success and the CC current capacity in two distinctive scales for each variable indicator and in each of the five proposed dimensions, totaling 28 items.

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HRMagazine, 52 6 , Learning Organization, 10 5 , The Ghana policy, like in the case of Costa Rica, does not mention the role of trade unions. Mean values for each variable were also calculated as a way for testing eventual differences in this measure between Brazil and Peru. Bach notes that this discourages a longer term perspective, erodes organisational memory and expertise, reducing the capacity to implement reforms and be effective in collaborating with other stakeholders. Health Policy and Planning. Others, taking into account the findings of a large survey conducted by David Ulrich and collaborators in the United States, Latin America, Europe, China and Australia, involving 9, respondents in business units, discuss and validate the new identified set of key competences for an effective HR Grossman, In relation to the Compensation and Benefits dimension, there was a coincidence of opinions as for the items of major importance-VCB1I Develop and maintain a reward strategy ; VCB4I Pay contracted employees and others , and the item of lesser importance VCB3I Implement and maintain processes to define employee's terms and conditions of employment. The policy recognises that the success of the implementation plan depends on the commitment of all stakeholders involved through a collaborative approach. Human Resources are presented as one of the main factors in the search for competitiveness. Scales Respondents evaluated the IFFS importance for future success and the CC current capacity in two distinctive scales for each variable indicator and in each of the five proposed dimensions, totaling 28 items. It also establishes that HRM policies across the globe aim at one thing, to maximise the value obtained from the allocation of the human capital.

Walker, J. In most cases those who vacate their post migrate to other countries where there are better conditions of service.

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McGraw-Hill, New York. However having the right quantity and quality of employees at the right place is the problem. In the case of Ghana, this was rightly so. This is due to the Brazilians attributing more importance to the item and perceiving a lower current capacity; in the case of Peru, the situation is inverted; 2 VR4 Identify individual potential to develop and meet future resourcing requirements : in this indicator Brazil presents a higher gap because Brazilians attributed more importance than Peruvians to the indicator, and a lower current capacity was also perceived; 3 VR5 Release people from the organization e. All of them have undergone major changes during the last decades both in terms of their strategic relevance in the business context and the approaches used to conceive actions for their implementation in work settings. This was conceived under the view that it was necessary to undertake a complete shift of paradigm in health goals and policies to strategies that will ensure wealth creation for the nation. For many organisations there is a need to develop a HR strategy due to the increasingly competitive environment in which they find themselves. Human Resource Strategy. Perez, J. This performance is coherent with the idea of HRM decentralization, a procedure that has been widely proposed, as it draws the department near to effective demands from company sectors and units. These practices have been valued as they enable the benefited people to better reconcile their personal needs with their companies' needs.

Personnel Management, 20 12 On average, the differences obtained from the Brazilian respondents' answers were - From these definitions we observe that strategic human resources is about making organisational plans in line with the human resource that an organisation has and that these plans are effective to enable the organisation achieve its objectives.

Annecy, France, December The "fit for purpose" HR function. The fact that this item was not noticed as having been implemented in companies based in Brazil confirms a gap between strategic discourses and practice, as this item is associated with the development of competences for future demands.

This point is well noted because in many countries including Ghana, there is a tradition that the distribution and allocation of health professionals is decided centrally, with local managers having little discretion over staffing.

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