How to write api in javascript alert

If you're using the compiled or minified bootstrap. But remember to do this by using the address that will tell your new Web server to treat your page not like a plain old text file but as a web page full of web instructions and wonders.

Default settings You can change the default settings for a plugin by modifying the plugin's Constructor. Disabling transitions Transitions can be globally disabled using the following JavaScript snippet, which must come after transition.

In our case, we want to create a function called "doSearch" because that's what we happened to name it in the HTML document that will search Harvard's collection of library items books and more for anything that matches the word that the user has typed into the textarea.

If you want to perform sanitization in this case, please specify sanitizeFn and use an external library like DOMPurify. Create the menu handler We need to export a menu handler from the main.

It's used by the other plugins to check for CSS transition support and to catch hanging transitions.

javascript prompt multiple input

What's inside Transition. Complete code for this plugin can be found on GitHub. Do use human-readable language. Do display a "success" alert if your plugin's operation is completed, but the user would have no way of knowing.

All public APIs are single, chainable methods, and return the collection acted upon. Feel free to create your own label instead of "Search!

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