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We need someone special in our life to share our feelings happy or sadto talk someone to remove our loneliness, to make laugh someone sad and many more. My school is very near to my home. I didn't have to correct much in your entry.

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Conclusion A good friendship is very difficult to come across. In my opinion, school friendships are really firm. He is always concerned about my success and helps me from the core of his heart A true friend like Rajesh is the best ever asset of my life. Some people tend to have many friends at their kindergarten or primary level but only one or no one they carry in later life. Friendship is being able to cry together. There many similarities between me and Nikki. Having good friends who can listen to our issues and provide us support and guidance are indeed a blessing during this age. No one of us has complete and satisfied life if we lack faithful friendship.

Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the company of their friends. Here is why friends are important: Support True friends are extremely supportive of each other.

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They listen to us and help us get over that emotional phase. It takes time and patience to build a strong friendship and achieve trust between two soulmates. John is an outstanding and a Hardworking student. He likes indoor sports. With the growing nuclear family system couples are left alone during their old age. This is because they share similar interests, indulge in similar activities, play, enjoy and learn from each other. However, not when there are friends at work. However, it is necessary to judge people correctly in order to make the right choice of a true friend. Friends give us emotional support, they help us during difficult times and make us feel special. True friends try to avoid conflicts and do everything possible to make their relations stronger. However, sometimes lending or borrowing of money from friends keeps friendship in great risk. True friendship needs proper understanding, satisfaction, helping nature trust. However, generally friendship occurs between people of same age. I agree with them.

There is a lot of competition in corporate offices these days. A good and balanced human interaction is very necessary for the survival of everyone. The best friends are indeed the best gifts of God. For that purpose, we spend our free time teaching those kids.

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He respects his parents, teachers, friends, and loves his elders. They are there for you during your difficult times when you have an emotional outburst. Not just the young couples and kids, the old men and women also feel the need to have a good friends circle.

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Many times, he helps me in my studies. In the good company of our friends we get motivation to do any hard work in life and it becomes easy to pass bad times cheerfully. Many people come and go in our lives.

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