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Essay on my best friend for class 9

During the lunch breaks, I used to have lunch all by myself. He is very regular, obedient and respectful to his parents and teachers. A good friend is not a just fair-weather friend. I decided to spend half the summer with them. Though his father is quite wealthy, Lakshman does not spend money uselessly. My class performance was not so good when she joined my school but through her help, I have been able to Improve. She cut the cake and we all enjoyed the snacks. He is so practical and never mixes the personal and professional life.

Only a few people one may like and become their friend. We enjoyed these visits a lot.

My teacher is my best friend essay for class 2

These essays shall definitely ease the stress the students face while compiling essays on such topics which though seem easy to write but consume a lot of time and energy. She is very good in nature and helps everyone. Friendship forges a life in all ways. This is probably 7 out of every 10 application essays to library science master's. I liked her nature. Every month I saw him with a new book, and this is the reason behind his powerful words. But a single human can do nothing. Essay writing in english my best friend pictures.

Despite being fair in studies, John has a habit of reading books. Really, he is my best and true friend. So, he gets more affection than an ordinary child.

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Therefore, not only I but also the whole class and the teachers respect him. We go to see Ramlila fair in the Ramlila ground together and enjoy a lot. Narrative Essay Presentation lt br gt He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. She looked like a fairy. To my surprise, Deepa came to visit me as she already knew my address. Essay writing in english my best friend pictures. Only 4 people could come in one boat. Wherever we go, we are connected by heart and manages to organize a meet up once every three months. Getting best and true friends in the life is very tough task however some luckiest one get it. He respects my feelings and helps me always. He wants to take the competitive examinations of all India cadre and get himself selected. Instead, he is a traditional fellow. He has always encouraged me to face problems as they are and not to duck under during adverse situations.

His name is Rishi. Psychologists recommend that people should co-exist together so that they can help each other during times of need. I always pray for stability and long long life of our friendship.

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We grew up together. Essay on My Best Friend — Common Interests and Different Career Paths — Essay 6 Words Friends are an integral part of your life, be the school years, the college life, colleagues at office or friends near your house.

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Essay on My Best Friend: 7 Selected Essays on My Best Friend