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Hitler called for irredentist German claims to be reclaimed along with the creation of German lebensraum in Eastern Europe, including territories held by the Soviet Union that would be colonized by Germans Aristotle A.

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In Italy, especially, it appeared that a socialist revolution was imminent. Through the differences, it is seen that Adolf Hitler was the best example in the way he used the police in enforcing and implementing his rules a factor which ensured that there was no opposition in the country. The Italian military were always prepared for wars which pointed to the achievements of the Fascist regime in the economy. Italian Fascism: It is the dictatorial political movement which administrated Italy from to under the headship of Benito Mussolini - The core principle — what Paxton defined as fascism's only definition of morality — is to make the nation stronger, more powerful, larger and more successful. Individuals and groups are allowable in so far as they come within the State. Because of this, the countries of Italy and China were completely different compared to what they are now. A weak democracy also refers to a democratic tradition that is fairly new and not strongly entrenched. Although Mussolini took power in the conditions allowing the germination of Fascism came from the years around For instance, Mussolini claimed to be anti-Semite and he ridiculed the Nazism racial theories referring to them as ridiculous and unscientific. Yet, the fact remains that Mussolini, along with Hitler, was an architect of fascism and of the policies that led to World War II. Pimentel West. Though, Italy's policy of autarky failed to accomplish effective economic autonomy.

Mussolini condemned the French Revolution for developing liberalism, scientific socialism, and liberal democracy, but also recognized that fascism extracted and utilized all the elements that had preserved those ideologies' vitality, and that fascism had no desire to restore the conditions that precipitated the French Revolution.

Furthermore, to speak of fascism in generalizations prohibits one from truly understanding the completely confused concept.

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According to the scholars, there was both left and right influences on fascism as a social movement and it attracted support from the political right Multilingual Archive. The fascists barred literature on birth control and increased penalties for abortion inpronouncing both crimes against the state.

He played upon the post-war crisis, and made it appear that Fascism was the only way in which socialism would be smashed, and Italy's society and status would be rebuilt.

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The idea of a naturally superior group or, especially in Hitler's case, biological racism, fits into a fascist interpretation of Darwinism. Its origins can be traced, however, to the intellectual revolt against liberalism in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. Both these groups had similariteis as well as differences in which will soon be understood. Individualism is dangerous because it turns people away from their community. For example, although most commentators treat Mussolini's Fascist dictatorship in Italy and Hitler's Nazi dictatorship in Germany as the two principal manifestations of fascism, others regard Fascism and Nazism as dissimilar ideological traditions. Motyl, It is derived from the Italian word fasces which mean a bundle of rods with an axe-blade protruding. Upon the Revolutionary Union being taken over by Raul Ferrero Rebagliati who sought to mobilise mass support for the group's nationalism in a manner similar to fascism. The IRI was made a permanent institution in Fascist Italy in , followed Fascist policies to create national autarky, and had the power to take over private firms to maximize war production Cyprian Blamires, Paul Jackson, This essay will explain what fascism is definition , how fascism groups are run, the ideology of fascism, and some past examples of how fascist governments operated.

It usually requires unusual of personality around a single central figure, hero worship, and a strong emphasis on a particularly militaristic view of national security. Fascist authoritarianisms are usually not just content with a silent, dutiful population, but expect the people to actively come out and support the government.

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