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We must open our eyes and face the problems we created.

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Greenhouse gas emissions are causing a global climate change that is displacing many species out of their natural habitat Ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation that is harmful for people.

Aluminum cans, glass bottles and newspapers are often collected from our doorsteps, but other items such as plastic bottles, juice cartons and cardboard may not be, in which case they can be taken to nearby recycling banks.

Air and water quality in cities and surrounding areas is poor.

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It is very important to keep it clean in order to live healthy and peaceful life. Our natural resources such as trees, oil, coal and aluminum are used up in enormous amounts to aka these products and the resources will one day be completely used up. Some of the topics are like environment, global warming, pollution, deforestation, water pollution, etc. Due to environmental issues the balance of the nature is disturbed and we will have to become a prey of its fury someday. Essay on Environmental Issues — 4 Words Introduction The environment is the total unit of all the physical, chemical and biological factors that surround an organism or ecological population and determine their form and life. Even small casting units, chemical construction and brick making kilns also pollute the air. Environmental pollution is affecting our lives physically, emotionally, socially, economically, and intellectually. The other is a mixed body of social science literature pertaining to anything from environmental laws to political ecology. All actions by humans directly and indirectly affect the environment. Nature warns us of its desperate situation and demonstrates it in frequent natural hazards.

This legislation was designed to manage air pollutants on a national level. We should do our best in order not to put the end to the existence of all living things on earth.

Otherwise human have started purchasing drinking water, a day will come when humans will run for purchasing oxygen. The main problems related to environmental pollution and important resources vary from local, regional to global level.

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Urbanization and industrialization negatively influenced our world. Hence we should think positively on the environmental issues and make proper arrangements and training programmes for the individuals to lessen the activities that make the environment polluted.

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Since the turn of the new millennium the issue of the environment has suddenly evolved into a widespread issue which is greatly discussed throughout the world.

The earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are frequently being observed in the world. It is known as global warming. Even small casting units, chemical construction and brick making kilns also pollute the air.

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Pollution endangers our existence and destroys our living environment. But that is not enough, people have to change their lifestyle radically until nature took last extreme measures. No doubts it may confuse, but you can ask help from academic writing services, if you doubt your own abilities. Humans polluted water, soil and air and exhausted natural resources. Global warming is a greenhouse effect that is caused by Earths atmosphere coming in contact with radiation from the sun. An essential problem of the 21st century is world pollution. Much of our waste is made up of glass, metal, plastic and paper.
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