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To succeed as court musicians, first for St. People who read her poetry considered it radical, and many scholars today refer to its style and arguments as protofeminist.

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This is enjoyable reading, carefully and lovingly researched. Her mother was Margret Johnson born c. She became a musician and writer, although debarred by her gender from any professional status.

Lanier, after all, was an Anglo-Italian trapped in a miserable arranged marriage. Romantic, heart-breaking, and rich in vivid historical detail and teeming Elizabethan life, the novel forms an elegant tapestry of the complexities, joys, and sorrows of being both a female and an artist.

The title comes from the words of mockery supposedly addressed to Jesus on the Cross. Yet despite the obstacles, Emilia became the first woman in England to publish a collection of her own poetry. Her family situation was highly unusual. Miniature by Nicholas Hilliard.

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