Do iphone backups overwrite a file

Does iTunes Overwrite iPhone Backups? Does iCloud Overwrite iPhone Backups? There may be old backups from other devices on your iCloud storage you no longer need though.

how to save multiple iphone backups without overwriting the old ones

Where a full restore from iTunes can be done in half an hour or less, an iCloud restore can take several hours or more. Or you can always just copy the actual backup file to an archive folder.

As long as the required space is there, your backup is fast and free. Your old iOS and all your data will be there, as if nothing happened.

recover overwritten icloud backup

Then connect your device to the computer, and choose how and where you want to backup your iOS device on the right part of the next screen, and click Back Up to start the process.

Don't do this if you only want to get a few files back, as restoring the backup will overwrite any more recently created data that's on your iPhone.

can you view iphone backup files on pc

This means it will be backed up again by Time Machine or other backup solutions you may have in place, which means you now have two or more backups of your iOS device.

Read on to find out!

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How to Create New iPhone Backup without Deleting Previous One?