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This requires providing the classroom and the school context with more opportunities for writing and developing meaningful experiences.

2nd grade writing activities

References Baynham, M. Muspratt, A. It involves transferring what was learned in the classroom into novel situations. The second set of skills refers to the emerging higher critical thinking skills.

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Provide students with time to discuss with their partners what animal they will research. If you could have any home in the world, what would you choose? Remind students that they will be working to write a diary from the perspective of a chosen animal. In this sense, the school has an agreement with Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA , and the recognition obtained through it is that of a commercial high school. What is your favorite kind of music? Freire, P. As Stoller , Rodriguez , and Dresden and Lee state, project work is a meaningful methodology through which not only students, but also the teacher integrates life, experience, practice, and knowledge. Where would you want to go and why? Luke, A. Write about a time you were embarrassed? Write about why this quality makes you special and unique. However, to avoid undue confusion, teachers should be available and willing to help them frame their questions. Ciudad de Quito No.

Freire, P. Where did you get your inspiration? While we are cognizant of their limited worldview and real-life experience, we appreciate their ability to engage in critical tasks.

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Why do you like it more than your other toys? Students had more opportunities to interact with others, express their feelings, thoughts, likes, and necessities. Imagine that you are going to join the circus. Write about a time you were embarrassed? Based on these findings, it was possible to conclude that the structure and nature of project work allowed students to start using their emerging critical thinking skills in the EFL classroom because it encouraged the students' interest and motivation toward the topic selected during their research process. After students have written all of their entries, they should illustrate the various entries. References Baynham, M. Educators' spotlight digest, 1 3. Literacy practices: Investigating literacy in social contexts.
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