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The coordinating conjunction "or" must be used.

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Writing at Work When writing an essay or a report, it is important that you do not use excessive coordination. When C.

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D If it rains on Sunday, I will not be able to drive. Again, a contrast is being drawn here, so the coordinating conjunction "but" is appropriate to explain the relationship between the nouns. Then copy the combined sentence onto your own sheet of paper.

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Collaboration Please share with a classmate and compare your answers. Many people continue to use their phones illegally.

Coordinating and correlative conjunctions worksheets with answers

Contrast Most people do not walk to work; instead, they drive or take the train. After B. When C. D Neither my mother nor my father will be able to attend the party on Sunday. Cause and Effect I missed my train this morning; consequently, I was late for my meeting. Comparison similarly, likewise Recycling aluminum cans is beneficial to the environment; similarly, reusing plastic bags and switching off lights reduces waste. Let's roll up our sleeves and test your knowledge. Take a look at the following sentences: Original sentences: Tracy stopped to help the injured man. The tomatoes grew juicy and ripe. Addition also, furthermore, moreover, besides Alicia was late for class and stuck in traffic; furthermore, her shoe heel had broken and she had forgotten her lunch. Flatworms are invertebrates that live only in water. The situation described here is one in which one thing or the other will happen. The meaning remains the same in both sentences, with the subordinating conjunction even though introducing the dependent clause. Review the following chart of some common subordinating conjunctions and examples of how they are used: Function.
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Coordinating conjunctions