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The people from the cave were tied up along the wall with fire that created shadow against a wall. Because you never used it. The truth itself is a personal definition and realization of things in the world around us. However, the time period did not affect the perspectives towards human beings.

There are many similarities that these stories share. This is the basic premise for Plato's Allegory of the Cave, in which prisoners sit in a cave, chained down, watching images cast on the wall in front of them. The Allegory of the Cave is about Socrates teaching his student, Glaucon, certain principles of life by telling him one of his allegories.

This quote amply illustrates that everything is decided in their mind, it is their choice, and although Socrates and Neo suffer some physical discomfort in making the journey, they are now in the world of knowledge, the world of real truth.

The definition of progress in both tales, are very similar.

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Unlike people who accept the truth and try to fight the agents in the Matrix, Cypher wants to go back to Matrix without knowing anything about real world. In Plato's "Allegory" we see mankind in a state of imprisonment. Despite all the possible obstacles and consequences, Douglass was eager and felt the necessity to learn how to read and write. Their final goal was to educate others who were still living in darkness, or ignorance. Why does my muscle hurt? The program was created by machines that took over the planet. They both share a similar story about the epistemological unreliability of the senses and the need to abstract from the senses in order to gain genuine knowledge. Neo, in the Matrix, is able to perform physically impossible feats once he learns to manipulate the matrix. To achieve this knowledge, both the freed prisoner and Neo need to experience the shocking demonstration that the senses are inadequate and that they can be systematically deceived. Plato also argues that humans are the prisoners in the cave. The tunnel in the Allegory of Cave and the red pill in The Matrix are the keys that open the door of knowledge for them. There are many similarities that these stories share.

Consequently, their perceptions of objects are based on the shadows of those things, shadows produced by firelight in the cave as true representations. In the third stage, Douglass gained much insight through his education, which led him to read books about slavery.

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Neo, in the Matrix, is able to perform physically impossible feats once he learns to manipulate the matrix.

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