Comparing three poems half caste essay

Comparing three poems half caste essay

Also, the haphazard, informal way that the poem is written suggests it should be read aloud. The poem itself also relays the message of individualism. This poem shows how you feel like losing your mother tongue when you speak a foreign language you live in, but in her dream it came back.

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I chose these three poems because I feel that they all deal with different aspects of cultural identity. Both poems are similar also because they are based on black people being discriminated against by white. This refrain is repeated throughout the poem to question the reader.

Using an alternative language such as Gujarat has an effect in ways that it shows how Sujata Bhatt had went from speaking English to Gujarat and back to English. I chose these three poems because I think they all contain different aspects of cultural identity.

It is written in phonetics to demonstrate his own personality with the language being English, but with his own Guyanan dialect. She talks not just about language but her whole culture and how she was brought up, what she was brought up to believe and live by and how society and different cultures sometimes make you forget. The readers are then forced to read the poem in a certain way, which enforces the message behind the poem. The poems have been written specifically to illustrate to people who have been brought up with derogative ideas about different types of people, that there are people who are different, but are neither superior nor inferior to themselves. It is also how to learn a new language when confronting different cultures, you almost forget "mother tongue". Looking for a gift from my tongue and my aunt in Pakistan and looking for my tongue and my aunt gift in Pakistan is a strange feeling that I grew up in a different culture, unfamiliar from a personal point of view Two poems to explore. The punctuation in Unrelated Incidents is based on the phanetic way of spelling, this means that you spell the way speak and pronounce words Although, the object of their anger is different. Nothing's Changed is written in standard English It has an effect showing how she has two tongues in her mouth, one the English tongue, and the other tongue being the foreign tongue

The anger in Half-Caste is directed at language, or more specifically the use of one phrase while the anger in Nothing's Changed is towards a culture.

This poem talks about status and social acceptance.

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Comparative essay between two poems namely, Half