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Demographics[ edit ] A Pakistani boy working as a cobbler As of —, it is estimated that 37 percent of working boys were employed in the wholesale and retail industry in urban areas, followed by 22 percent in the service industry and 22 percent in manufacturing.

Child labor is significant all around the world but largely in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and in parts of Europe.

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However, the research found that the higher the wage that a child could make, the more likely they were to be involved in child labor p. There are approximately million children under the age of 15 that are working in the child labor industry around the world. Farkhanda Anjum and her colleagues in professional medical journal claims, "The ICF international estimated that of the 1,05, workers in the carpet industry There is also a high inflation rate. Child Labor is when children younger than a set age are sent off to be employed to provide for their family instead of attending school to further their education Haile ; Cullen 9. The average Pakistani has to feed nine or ten people with their daily wage. Members of IPEC made regular visits to the production centers to determine whether there was any child labour employed in the industry. There are some kids who never even get to attend school because they are working full-time. But more importantly the use of Child Labour in the Textile Industry and Sports Goods Industry of Pakistan has been a source of serious concern for the country over the past few years. Child labor is not something people noticed until the rise of the industrial revolution, where new advancements in manufacturing increased the demand for workers, mainly children because of their ability to reach in small spaces Herumin

Child labor is a major issue throughout the global economy, especially in developing countries like China. Lewis W. The children are employed in export oriented maquiladoras, or assembly factories between Mexico and the United States.

Child labour in pakistan essay example

Related posts:. Poverty and child labor go hand in hand, when households do not have the substantial amount of resources their only choice is to make their children participate in various labor actions Haile Virtually everyone is guilty of participating in this abusive practice through the purchase of goods made in across the globe, usually in poor, developing nations.

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In the wholesale and retail industry the percentage of girls was 11 per cent followed by 11 per cent in manufacturing. Thiskind of labor provides problems or difficulties in the economic world. Through time society has done many thing to help prevent child labor. Involving children in illicit activities A. Virtually everyone is guilty of participating in this abusive practice through the purchase of goods made in across the globe, usually in poor, developing nations. Though there are many regional and culture differences, at this time the world was opening up to reform and rebuilding, and due to a lack people in the workforce to handle such a task, child labor became the commonality. This particular result could be translated to areas that do not have high wages and prove that poverty is a determinant of child labor This social phenomenon continues to exist both in developed and developing countries. It is imperative to take a more nuanced view of child labor and accept that it is not inherently bad as the Can Child Labor Be Stopped? In the U.

Child labor tends to take place in regions where there is population growth, poverty, and were low levels of education are highest Akin Diaz, personal communication, December 7, The increase in inflationary pressure affects the poor and the underprivileged segment of the society the most.

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Child Labor in Pakistan