Check essay errors

In most instances, direct plagiarism is a deliberate act of deception. Proving that you can reliably communicate using proper grammar is essential to establishing and maintaining the trust of your teachers, professors, readers, customers, and colleagues.

While most writers remember to add references for direct quotes, they can sometimes forget to include references when adding paraphrases into papers.

Omitting a citation, whether intentionally or inadvertently, is an action that falls under the plagiarize definition and is considered a form of academic dishonesty. Luckily, there is no shortage of available tools to help you along your way.

Find out if your paper contains plagiarized text before your professor does.

Check essay errors

You may be expelled from your school or university. It can result in not just a failing grade for the assignment, but possibly even failure of the course or expulsion. The same program offers a thorough plagiarism checker at your fingertips. Each is a moving average, with word length weighted to the sentences before and after.

Our plagiarism tool is designed to do more than most free tools, however. Consider revising your document if it scores over

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