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The Old Man and the Sea is the most popular of his later works 1. Overall, Santiago exhibited all of the traits of any great fisherman; persistence, hardiness, and pride. A picture of Jesus and the Virgin hang in his hut. When he finally finds Santiago sleeping in his hut, he cares for him like a father would a child. Santiago shows great pride in his work. He can hardly wait to see the newspaper each day and see how the Yankees have fared. Manolin is also reminiscent of his lost youth and energy. This basic sense of determination is what makes him continue to fight the giant fish for three long and grueling days. The old man is very patient and courageous person. He has strong faith in success and confidence in future. Once he finally catches the Marlin, he imagines about how proud DiMaggio would be of him.

In fact, he makes up his mind to go far out to sea and try his luck, optimistic that he may catch a really large fish. He knows how to rely on the transcendent power of his own imagination to engender the inspiration and confidence he needs and to keep alive in himself and others the hope, dreams, faith, absorption, and resolution to transcend hardship.

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DiMaggio suffers from a painful bone spur in his foot, but he does not let it bother him or stand in the way of his being a marvelous baseball player. Santiago is alone in the world; his wife has passed away, and he refuses to have a photograph of her in his hut, for it makes him feel lonely. DiMaggio Though this character does not physically appear in the novel, he repeatedly serves as an inspiration to Santiago. When he arrives home, he carries his mast across his shoulders, much like Christ carried his cross. These themes combine to create a book that won Hemingway a Pulitzer Prize in and contributed to his Nobel Prize for literature in 3. He lives in poverty, owning a small shack with no running water; yet he never complains. Although Santiago is not an extremely religious man, he is a Christian. Even though his hands ache, cramp, and bleed and his shoulders burn with pain, he will not slacken the line or let the fish defeat him.

He believes in the techniques and skill. He has had streaks of bad luck in the past, and he is hopeful that the next day will bring him better luck.

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Throughout the novel, Santiago shows a contrast between opposite attitudes and values which associate his behavior with the guidelines of the code. He brings him coffee, provides him food, and helps him with his fishing gear. Once he finally catches the Marlin, he imagines about how proud DiMaggio would be of him.

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Throughout his life, Santiago has been presented with contests to test his strength and endurance. He has to go with out a fish.

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Character of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea