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In the film's final montage, we see Penny finally on her way to Morocco. For Penny Lane, regardless of her Band Aid persona, will always remain heartfelt, powerful, and soulful—just like the music she once inspired. It may be difficult for others to tell when I am breathing in and out.

The fact that he is a Jew is, in a sense, accidental. Unfortunately, the actual assignment proves more challenging than he imagined. Question Do you normally breathe in an almost imperceptible way when you are resting? Would you rather be meddlesome or deceitful? Or is he a man "more sinned against than sinning"?

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I don't feel any hole in my chest or a sense of lack. Join Now! We know the hormones don't exactly help, either.

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Yet we cannot feel deep sympathy for him — some, perhaps, but not much. We guess he really is the man.


Shakespeare wanted to contrast liberality against selfishness — in terms of money and in terms of love. Question 10 of 30 Shylock's function in this play is to be the obstacle, the man who stands in the way of the love stories; such a man is a traditional figure in romantic comedies. For much of the movie, William has this look of awestruck bewilderment plastered on his face, which reads something like, "I can't believe I'm actually here. Most of the character trait questions looked something like this: This character can best be described as: a. Rock and roll is nuanced, and so is Penny; with Penny Lane, there is always more than meets the eye. Of course, things get complicated when Penny falls in love with Russell. But the character of Shylock has also been the subject of much critical debate: How are we meant to evaluate the attitude of the Venetians in the play toward him? As an aspiring rock journalist, he's quite precocious, but he's still totally innocent in just about every way. And the kid isn't even old enough to legally drive. Ever get the sensation of a hole in your chest? This Penny Lane is a total showstopper, fearless and mysterious, exuding confidence from every pore. Shakespeare's intention was not to make Shylock a tragic figure; instead, Shylock was meant to function as a man who could be vividly realized as the epitome of selfishness; he must be defeated in this romantic comedy. Would you rather be meddlesome or deceitful? If you are asked to callbacks you will be asked to perform one of these sides.

Those pesky little academic responsibilities, we know.

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