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Allen-Parker is a virtual assistant, and her decision to become one was more than a career change - it was a lifestyle change. An Administrative Consultant is a solopreneur who works personally with clients in a collaborative, one-on-one relationship of ongoing administrative support.

Microwork and freelance sites can help but often pay lower fees than you may want to charge.

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Writing administrative assistant SMART goals requires determining the necessary action steps, as well as identifying a person who has responsibility for completing them. Experience You should already come to the industry and business with a professional level of skills and qualification.

This step may be best decided with the help of a lawyer and CPA, because setting up the right business structure will help as far as legalities, taxes, and more.

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Don't forget to open a business bank account. By Alison Doyle Updated July 05, Office assistant positions can be found in all industries, and share a rather large set of skills. It is anticipated that the services provided to individuals will be more menial relative to the services provided to companies. Administrative support is not project work. Easy, peasy! Unless you work for a virtual assistant agency, in which case this may differ! We're the administrative experts who keep our clients' businesses organized, humming along smoothly and moving forward. Although this is a business where we typically never meet clients in person, that doesn't mean you can hide behind your computer. This is a business and a profession, not a job If you are looking for a work-at-home job, this is the wrong place for you. Being a business owner, you are in control of your fortunes and creating the quality of life you want for yourself. Profit is what allows you to create savings, take vacations, buy a home, a car, pay for education, etc. Wrap up all legal and financial aspects of startup before securing your first client. Before packing up the office cubicle and giving notice to your boss, know that becoming a virtual assistant isn't an easy job that just anyone can do. But I want to be clear

When I first started, I offered social media services, blog management services, and even technical services. Get Paid to Learn You can grow your skills oftentimes for free because clients may pay you to learn something that can help their business.

When I first started, I worked on my VA business before and after my 9-to Employee mindset has no place here. You should focus on the skills you have and enjoy doing.

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Unless you work for a virtual assistant agency, in which case this may differ! Your business name should be unique and describe what you do.

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Office Assistant Skills List With Examples