Biography of yegor gaidar essay

The economic situation may have been bad but people were sort of used to that, even if they grumbled. Some shock therapists argued for radical reforms but also for longer timelines to achieve results. Nelson, Lynn D.

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The lifting of price controls created an incentive for producers to produce and the shops to trade - and that filled the shelves with goods. In he moved to Moscow, where he joined the presidential staff as deputy to Pavel Borodin, the Kremlin's chief administrator. Boris Yeltsin would lead Russia through most of the decade promoting something known as democracy and better living conditions than the Soviet Union.

The Bush administration supported Gorbachev until October and only belatedly and reluctantly switched its allegiance to Yeltsin Dunlop This touched a patriotic nerve. As a result, shock therapy failed to achieve its fundamental goals in Russia.

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The last communist government of Valentin Pavlov orchestrated it by stealth in early Aprilwhen prices were drastically raised and hyperinflation unleashed without the population at large noticing - there were no goods in the shops anyway and new price tags were not even printed.

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Yegor Timurovich Gaidar