Australia s religious landscape post 1945

Australia religion and culture

Reincarnation: After death, we are reborn and live another life as a human. Growth in the number and diversity of Catholics. Besides the usual religious roles of leading church building and public worship they took a major part in charity, education and public debate. Hindus increased from comprising 0. It can be said that the new age movement developed as a reaction against what some perceived as the failure of Christianity and the failure of secular humanism to provide spiritual and ethical guidance in the contemporary world. This phenomenon is far more common in Protestant denominations than in Catholic or Orthodox groups. Vietnam s ; Lebanon s ; Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina s. Mystical experiences or higher states of consciousness are often important. Historically , Pentecostalism has seen increases in membership during times of uncertainty and anxiety.

These leaders then encouraged their members to write in Australian Christian Churches rather than Pentecostal so the census may not reflect the actual growth of Pentecostalism. This is called 'religious pluralism'.

religion in australia

Denominational switching Reasons for denominational switching Denominational switching refers to the transfer of followers from one Christian denomination to another.

Changing Patterns of religious Adherents: Main points to consider: decline in the those identifying with Christianity from This was a much lower growth than anticipated considering the growing visibility of Pentecostalism in Australia. Denominational switching iv.

Australia s religious landscape post 1945

Feng shui, which is the belief that the strategic placement of furniture and possessions can lead to greater harmony and well being in life. Buddhism has shown rapid growth in recent decades, recently overtaking Islam to become the largest religion other than Christianity in Australia.

changing patterns of religious adherence in australia since 1945

This saw a seven-fold increase from the previous census year in the percentage of persons stating they had no religion 0.

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Post Religious Landscape Essay