An introduction to the destructive electromagnetism as a weapon

In addition it is likely that poor protection of stored data will add to further economic losses, as much data will be lost with the destroyed machines.

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UE has attracted most attention in the context of TEMPEST [3] surveillance, where transient emanations leaking out from equipment due poor shielding can be detected and in many instances demodulated to recover useful intelligence. Should the delivery error be of the order of the weapon's lethal radius for a given detonation altitude, lethality will be significantly diminished. A major advantage of using electromagnetic bombs is that they may be delivered by any tactical aircraft with a nav-attack system capable of delivering GPS guided munitions. Technical issues in Vircator design are output pulse duration, which is typically of the order of a microsecond and is limited by anode melting, stability of oscillation frequency, often compromised by cavity mode hopping, conversion efficiency and total power output. Therefore the use of electromagnetic weapons against government facilities offers an exceptionally high payoff. This can be a major issue for users constrained by treaty provisions on collateral damage [AAP]. Crippling its primary source of revenue without widespread environmental pollution may be an effective and politically acceptable punitive measure. These will therefore contain the effect of HPM weapons to shorter radii than are ideally achievable in the K and L frequency bands. This has obvious implications for the electromagnetic hardness of combat aircraft systems.

What research has been done in this area illustrates the difficulty in producing workable models for predicting equipment vulnerability.

The damage inflicted is not unlike that experienced through exposure to close proximity lightning strikes, and may require complete replacement of the equipment, or at least substantial portions thereof.

An introduction to the destructive electromagnetism as a weapon

Because the emissions from computer monitors, peripherals, processor equipment, switchmode power supplies, electrical motors, internal combustion engine ignition systems, variable duty cycle electrical power controllers thyristor or triac basedsuperheterodyne receiver local oscillators and computer networking cables are all distinct in their frequencies and modulations, a suitable Emitter Locating System can be designed to detect, identify and track such sources of emission.

Manufacturer's guaranteed breakdown voltage ratings for Silicon high frequency bipolar transistors, widely used in communications equipment, typically vary between 15 V and 65 V. Mobile or hidden targets which do not overtly radiate may present a problem, particularly should conventional means of targeting be employed.

Most helpful essay resource ever! A trivial model for this function would see commands and directives flowing outward from a central decisionmaking element, with information about the state of the system flowing in the opposite direction.


The discharge is typically an initial huge current flow, at least mega-amps, followed by a train of pulses of decreasing energy. ESD is treated as a small, localised phenomenon, although technically a lightning flash is a very large ESD event. A small-scale ESD simulator may be hand-held. This is typically accomplished by the addition of a structural jacket of a non-magnetic material. Because conventional electromagnetic weapons produce negligible collateral damage, in comparison with conventional explosive munitions, they allow the conduct of an effective and high tempo campaign without the loss of life which is typical of conventional campaigns. Both constrain lethality. The classic model is a double-exponential curve which climbs steeply, quickly reaches a peak and then decays more slowly. What makes you cringe? It follows therefore, that for a given technology an electromagnetic bomb of identical mass to a electromagnetic warhead equipped missile can have a much greater lethality, assuming equal accuracy of delivery and technologically similar electromagnetic device design. What hooks you? Even if the pulse is not powerful enough to produce thermal damage, the power supply in the equipment will readily supply enough energy to complete the destructive process. The pulse may be reproduced at low energy in order to characterise the victim's response prior to damped sinewave injection, or at high energy to recreate the actual threat conditions.

Meteoric EMP. Importantly, the massed application of electromagnetic weapons would inflict attrition on an opponent's information processing infrastructure very rapidly, and this would arguably add a further psychological dimension to the potency of the attack.

Forces constrained by treaty obligations will have to reconcile this against the applicable regulations relating to denial of services to non-combatants [AAP].

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The cost of computer and communications infrastructure is substantial, and its massed destruction would be a major economic burden for any industrialised nation. In a typical coaxial FCGa cylindrical copper tube forms the armature. The energy is usually broadband by nature, although it often excites a relatively narrow-band damped sine wave response in the surrounding environment.

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An Introduction to the Destructive Electromagnetism as a Weapon