An introduction to the analysis of reforestation

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The life cycle of trees, cash flows, and methods for analyzing economic profitability Each of the three native tree species chosen for analysis each requires years between planting and the final clear-cut harvest of sawlogs. Recognizing that management interventions are necessary to maintain forest health and productivity in the face of climate change, the Alberta government released interim seed transfer guidelines inallowing upward and northward transfers across adjacent seed zone boundaries within the natural subregion of origin [11].

Reforestation in india

It is important to note that all projects analyzed in this paper are field experiments. IRR is calculated by using the following formula: Where: r is a discount rate, and Bi and Ci are, respectively, the values of receipts and cost at time i. The distribution is defined by the mode m , minimum a , and maximum b x-variable values. Dissertation, what was advised by the second author 2 For firewood, charcoal and logs. It is hard but has little resistance to insects and can deteriorate rapidly when exposed to inclement weather. Internal rates of return from the Monte Carlo simulations of projects M3, A3, and P3 are noteworthy: The delineations corresponding to the scatterplot are shown on the map. Currently, experiments to assure the technical viability of reforestation using native trees are being conducted. The ecosystem units are then predicted as a dependent class variable using climate conditions under various future scenarios as predictor.

The first phase considered just one productive cycle with present value PV and internal rate of return IRR used as profitability measures. Generally, Brazilian public and private programs geared to stimulate reforestation for the production of roundwood 2 have centered their attention on pure plantings of exotic species, for example eucalyptus and pinus.

An introduction to the analysis of reforestation

According to Noronha , IRR offers two major advantages over other profitability measures. The Mahalanobis distance is a normalized Euclidean distance that weighs individual variables according to their collinearity with all other variables [33]. To assess the predictive accuracy of bioclimate envelope models for individual species, we calculate the area under the curve AUC of the receiver operating characteristics ROC curve of the probability of species presence. In general terms, AUC values above 0. According to Lorenzi , Pau-marfim is of medium high-density 0. Among the pessimistic scenarios, PS2 the price of logs falls because genetically inferior root stock is planted shows the largest reduction of PV and IRR from the values arrived at in the deterministic analysis. Dissertation, what was advised by the second author 2 For firewood, charcoal and logs. First, it is calculated by using only the cash flow.

Full economic payback from investments in native-tree reforestation projects comes only after the clear-cut for sawlogs, a minimum of 25 years after the initial investment, which makes this type of investment extremely illiquid.

Tese Ph. The Ecodist package further transforms all variables into units of standard deviations around a variable mean of zero prior distance calculations, so that the weight of climate variables is independent of their units of measurement.

These plantings can produce roundwood for different economic purposes. Moreover, reforestation projects that make use of seedlings granted by the government keep a positive present value even when opportunity costs are 1 to 3 percentage points above the opportunity cost level that turns PV negative for projects that make use of purchased seedlings.

A triangular distribution is assumed for the following variables: price of firewood, price of fence posts, price of sawlogs, production of firewood, production of fence posts, production of sawlogs, implantation cost, maintenance costs, price of bare land for reforestation purposes, and cost to rent land for reforestation purposes.

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The delineations corresponding to the scatterplot are shown on the map.

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Strategies for Reforestation under Uncertain Future Climates: Guidelines for Alberta, Canada