An analysis of planet earth

If the Amazon tropical rainforest were to disappear, not only would an entire ecosystem vanish, but a valuable way of cooling the planet would go as well.

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Rainfall is also predicted to be more intense and storms could be five times more frequent than they are at the moment. When fossil fuels are burnt, such as coalfuel oil or natural gasthe carbon emissions combine with oxygen to further thicken the Earth's atmospheric 'blanket' and thus warm the planet.

But why would any TV development team put effort into imaginative conservation programming when escapist productions are so successful — unless it were taxed?

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As David Attenborough revealed when I interviewed him in "I think the environmental movement does owe quite a lot to television — that people are aware of what's happening in Africa.

The abnormally warm seas in the Atlantic had disrupted the rainfall in the forest and for similar reasons, coral reefs are also at risk, leading to the phenomenon of coral bleaching.

An analysis of planet earth

But no hint of the continuing disaster is allowed to shatter the illusion. Six months later, trees have still not recovered. The science that concerns Attenborough in Life on Earth is that of Charles Darwin and the systematising projects of other great European naturalists like Buffon, Cuvier and Linnaeus. Domestic pollution[ edit ] Every year humans add 25 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and over half of it comes from their domestic activity. The probable range by which the planet will warm over the next century is between 1. Are We Changing Planet Earth? Attenborough introduces the Carbons, a fictional family occupying an average Western suburban house near a city. The structural shift that enabled Attenborough to explore the consequences of climate change was related to the broader transformation that allowed the world's news media to embrace climate change as a global threat. This is what our beautiful planet is now, but these eight episodes emphasize just how quickly the wonders of this world are going extinct.

Meanwhile, the glaciers continue to melt: one scientist reveals that an area the size of Texas has been lost over the last 20 years. Also shown are Mr and Mrs Tan, a fictional couple who live in an average Chinese suburb.

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The other is the one we see in the wildlife programs.

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Are We Changing Planet Earth?